Mon, Feb 20, 2017

Commandant's Message

It is indeed a pleasure for me to welcome you to the website of National Police Academy, a premier police training institution of Pakistan. The Academy provides specialized training to newly recruited Assistant Superintendents of Police and is also responsible for in-service training to the senior management of all police forces. We constantly endeavour to improve the quality of our training courses to ensure that the police officers are fully equipped to meet the challenge of modern day policing.  Protection of vulnerable segments of the society constitutes an important theme in our training policy. Off late, the Academy has also initiated several new courses on subjects like terror crime, public relations in counter terrorism, cyber crime, critical incident management, VVIP security etc. Realising the importance of Read More..

Welcome to National Police Academy, Islamabad

National Police Academy is the premier police training institution in Pakistan. Traditionally entrusted with the task of training only probationary officers of Police Service of Pakistan, its role has now been enhanced to include capacity building courses for senior officers and to provide guidance for all police training in Pakistan. These new functions are in conformity of the Government’s goals of enhancing the capacity through better training and skills development. National Police Academy has been given a leading role in formulating policies to provide a framework for constituent police departments to frame their own policies in line with National Policies. It also provides guidance in development of training programs to its units.