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  1. The Australian Delegation led by H. E. Mr. Peter Varghese, AO along with other dignitaries visited the National Police Academy on 15.5.2014.
  2. Nigerian Police delegation led by Inspector General of Nigerian Police visited the Academy on 10.2.2014 and discussed training of Nigerian police officers at NPA.
  3. French Police Attaché visited the Academy on 18.12.2013 and discussed training related
  4. Turkish Delegation visited the Academy on 28.10.2013 and discussed training related
  5. Delegation of International Centre of Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) visited the Academy on 7.4.2014.
  6. Anatoly Safonov, Deputy Foreign Minister for Russia to Pakistan on February 23, 2004.
  7. Brunson McKinley, Director General, International Organization for Migration (IOM) from December 1-4, 2003.
  8. Lionel Grundy, Senior Police Adviser to the Department for International Development, UK visited Pakistan in November 1997 to review the working of CPTU.
  9. Ivan A. Gelbard and Mr. Michel Muntaner, French Police Experts delivered lectures to the ASsP (UT) during October & November 1997.
  10. A five members Afghan Delegation consisting of the political leaders and high ranking police officials visited the National Police Academy from 4.10.1997 to 6.10.1997.
  11. Steve Crossly and Trevor Guilfoyle, British Police Officers visited the National Police Academy and exchanged their views with the ASsP (UT).
  12. Michael Hartmann, Professor of Law and the University of California at Berkeley and Assistant Director Attorney San Francisco visited NPA and delivered a lecture to ASsP (UT) on Human Rights and Law Enforcement on 10.3.1996.
  13. Vincent Del Buono, Advisor, UN Inter Regional for Crime Prevention & Criminal Justice visited on 21.9.1995.
  14. The Senior British Police Consultant Mr. Alan Robert Bourlet visited the National Police Academy w.e.f 21.4.1995 to 28.4.1995 to discussed project memorandum for Establishment of Central Planning & Training Unit in the Academy.
  15. R. E. Kendall, Secretary General, ICPO-Interpol visited the National Police Academy from 14.4.1995 to 19.4.1995 and delivered a lecture on ICPO-Interpol to the ASsP (UT).
  16. Phillippe, Chief Resident Mission of International Bank of Reconstructions and Development in Pakistan gave a talk on Law & Order and Economic Development in March, 1995.
  17. Two member French Forensic Experts namely Mrs. Lecomte and Professor Nicolas visited NPA in January 1995 and gave a briefing to the faculty and the under training
  18. A five member Chinese Delegation led by Mr. Wang Zikang, Deputy Director General, Bureau of Education, Ministry of Public Security, China visited Pakistan w.e.f 7.8.1994 to 8.1994.

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