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Topics of CBC

S # Subject/Topics
Counter Terrorism and Anti-Terrorism
1. Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism
2. Radicalization and De-radicalization
3. Anti-Terrorism (Investigation, Interview, Evidencing, Explosives, IEDs, etc)
Mass Demonstrations and Crowd Control
4. Basic Training of Riot Police (Riot Control)
5. Safety Precautions in Elections
6. Sports Security
7. Security on festivals and Processions
8. Conflict Resolution Skills
9. Civil Disorder/Disturbance Management
10. Crimes Management at Terrorist Attacks
11. Critical Incident Management
Management & Leadership Skills
12. Human Resource Development & Management
13. Leadership and Management
14. Financial Management
15. Organizational Development & Planning
16. Strategic Management
17. Reorganization and Work Analysis
18. Police Communication Skills
19. Management Skills in Policing
20. Team Building
21. Mentoring Subordinates
22. Project Management
23. Office Management
24. Adopting a Prudent Performance Evaluation System
25. Problem Solving and Decision Making
26. Addressing Corruption and Building Integrity
27. Police Accountability
28. Time Management
Training and Trainers Development
29. Training Development Program/Training of Training Development Units
30. Training of Police Trainers/Instructor Development
31. Job Task/Training Needs Analysis
Investigation and Criminalistics
32. Crime Scene Investigation
33. Interview & Interrogation
34. High Profile Investigation
35. Investigation Techniques of Murder Crime
36. Investigation of Theft
37. Investigation Techniques of Human Trafficking Crime
38. Prevention and Investigation of Car Stealing
39. Fingerprint Development
40. Post Blast Investigation
41. Latest Amendments in Criminal Laws & Procedures and Identification of flaws in Police Investigation
42. Procedures to conduct enquiries/inquiries
43. Criminal Psychology
Organized Crimes
44. Illegal Immigration and Human Trafficking
45. Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism
46. Kidnapping for Ransom
47. Narcotics Investigations
48. Intelligence Analysis in Organized Crime
49. Surveillance (Pursuit) Techniques in Organized Crimes
50. Organized Crime Investigations
51. Cyber Crime
52. White Collar Crime
53. Banking Crime
Operational Policing
54. Stopping and Controlling the Vehicles
55. Hostage Negotiations
56. Crime and Intelligence Analysis
Modern Approaches in Policing
57. The Role of the Police in Preventing family Violence and the Procedures
58. Basic Training of Police dealing with Juveniles
59. Community Policing
60. Victimology
61. Witness Protection
62. Human Rights
Personal Growth, Health and Attitude
63. Personal Development (Physical fitness, mental & Spiritual growth including Attitudinal Change)
64. Stress Management
65. Factors affecting Efficiency/Performance
66. Improving Interpersonal Skills
67. Effective Public Speaking Skills
Special Skills in Policing
68. V.I.P Protection
69. Policing during Insurgency
70. First Aid
71. Force Options
72. Media Relations
73. Vehicle Search
74. Advanced and Defensive Driving Techniques
75. Accident Analysis
76. Traffic Management

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