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Brief on CBC

Capacity Building Courses National Police Academy arranges variety of Capacity Building Courses on different policing subjects. These capacity building courses are attended by officers of 35 different police and law enforcement agencies/departments. Primarily, these courses are of 1-2 week’s duration. Resource persons having expertise on the subjects are invited to enlighten/educate the participants in these courses. Courses arranged so far as ...

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Brief on SDC

Specially Design Courses Specially Designed Courses are for a batch of mid level officers of police and law enforcement agencies. These courses are arranged on demand for which separate curriculum is developed keeping into consideration demand of the organisation/department. National Police Academy since inception has arranged few Specially Designed Courses, detail of which is as under: S # Department/ Organisation Period ...

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Clientele for the Capacity Building Courses S # Department S # Department 1. Punjab Police 2. Sindh Police 3. Khyber Pukhtunkhwa Police 4. Balochistan Police 5. Azad Jammu & Kashmir Police 6. Gilgit-Baltistan Police 7. Capital Territory Police, Islamabad 8. National Police Bureau 9. National Highways & Motorways Police 10. Pakistan Railways Police 11. Federal Investigation Agency 12. Frontier Constabulary ...

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Topics of CBC

S # Subject/Topics Counter Terrorism and Anti-Terrorism 1. Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism 2. Radicalization and De-radicalization 3. Anti-Terrorism (Investigation, Interview, Evidencing, Explosives, IEDs, etc) Mass Demonstrations and Crowd Control 4. Basic Training of Riot Police (Riot Control) 5. Safety Precautions in Elections 6. Sports Security 7. Security on festivals and Processions 8. Conflict Resolution Skills 9. Civil Disorder/Disturbance Management 10. Crimes ...

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S # Name of Officer Country Batch 1. Mr. Naseer Bahjat Al-Ntour Palestine 18th Basic/22nd CTP 2.  Mr. Hatem Fouad Mustafa Abo Fateh Palestine 18th Basic/22nd CTP 3.  Mr. M. Abdullah Hassan Wishah Palestine 19th Basic/23rd CTP 4.  Mr. Riyad Salim Soleiman Al-Shobaky Palestine 19th Basic/23rd CTP 5.  Mr. Abdullah Nawaz Maldives 8th ICC/32nd CTP 6.  Mr. Ahmed Meesaq Maldives ...

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Employees corner

Different Proforma Personal data form Identity card form Medical Reimbursement Proforma Declaration of Income and Asset Proforma Leave Proforma Loan & Advances form Demand/Repair & Maintenance Proforma No Objection Certificate Vehicle Requisition Form Proforma Shift Incharges Security Supervisory Proforma ACR forms LDC, UDC, Assistant, Supdt ACR forms of Inspectors, Sub-Inspectors & ASIs ACR form Assistant Private Secretaries & Stenotypists Revised ...

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