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Capacity Building Courses

Capacity Building courses are designed for in-service senior officers of police and other law enforcement organizations. The conduct of such courses introduces to new horizons of modern knowledge and techniques on crimes and role of Police to combat modern crimes. National Police Academy conducts capacity building courses for in-service officers of police and other law enforcement organizations on various diverse Police related topics. The Academy has organized courses on numerous subjects aimed at enhancing the professional and managerial capacity of police officers. Officers of following allied law enforcement agencies participate in these capacity building courses:-

1. Punjab Police 11. Intelligence Bureau
2. Sindh Police 12. Punjab Rangers
3. Khyber Pukhtunkhwa Police 13. Sindh Rangers
4. Balochistan Police 14. Anti-Narcotics Force
5. Capital Territory Police Islamabad 15. Frontier Corps, Balochistan
6. Gilgit-Baltistan Police 16. Pakistan Coast Guards, Sindh
7. AJ & K Police 17. Frontier Constabulary
8. National Highways & Motorway Police 18. Air Hqrs, Islamabad
9. Civil Defense Department, Islamabad 19. Punjab Provincial Assembly
10. Federal Investigation Agency

The Academy with the assistance of its international partners has organized courses on numerous subjects aimed at enhancing the professional and managerial capacity of police officers. It has so far conducted courses on subjects of Instructor Development, Crime Scene Investigation, Public Relations in Counter Terrorism, Interviewing Women & Children, Investigation of Terror Crime, Strategic Management, Community Policing, Introduction to Cyber Crime, Counter Terrorism, Training Needs Assessment, Effective Public Speaking Skill, Leadership & Org. Change Management, Conflict Management & Communication Skills, Interview & Introduction, Civil Disturbance Management, Critical Incident Management, Project Management, Crime Analysis, Financial Management, Presentation Skills, Media Relations, Victimology, Conflict Resolution Skills,  Management & Leadership, Leadership & Decision Making, Riot Control, Forensic Investigation, Investigation of Citizens Complaints, Use of Internet Tools/E-Technology, Intelligence Led Policing, Crime Prevention Skills, Latest Amendment in Criminal Laws, Money laundering, Human Trafficking, International Conventions/Local Legislation/Implication, Transnational Crimes, Handling Difficult People, Problem Solving & Design making, Emotional Intelligence, Assertiveness Skills, Interpersonal Communication, Negotiation Skills, Finger Prints, Effective Policing Strategies, Effective Skills for Controlling Street Crime, Effective Intelligence/Counter Intelligence Skills, Flaws in Registration of FIR and its Implications, Stress Management, Addressing Corruption and Building Integrity, Personal Growth (Physical Fitness, Mental & Spiritual Growth), Factor Effecting Efficiency/Performance Adopting a Prudent Performance Evaluation System, Mentoring Subordinates, Office Management, Feminist Criminology, Kidnapping for Ransom, IEDs in Criminal Investigation, Terrorism & Counter Terrorism.

National Police Academy since inception has arranged a number of in-service Capacity Building Courses, detail of which is as under:

S # Year Courses Participants
1. 1978-2002 25 382
2. 2003 25 712
3. 2004 26 367
4. 2005 36 694
5. 2006 42 636
6. 2007 41 620
7. 2008 27 510
8. 2009 38 603
9. 2010 24 384
10. 2011 67 677
11. 2012 92 896
12. 2013 10 233
13. 2014 30 583
14. 2015 28 528
15. 2016 30 493
16. 2017 17 276
558 8594