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Nigerian Delegation

Nigerian Police Delegation led by Nigerian Inspector General of Police visited the National Police Academy on February 10, 2014 to discuss training related issues of Nigerian Police Officers at the National Police Academy.

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Board of Governors

  13th meeting of the Board of Governors held on 3.10.2017. 12th meeting of Board of Governors held on 16.1.2012 10th meeting of Board of Governors held on 10.8.2006

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Previous Workshops

Workshop on “Counter Terrorism Communication and Media Engagement Training” was held on December 17-18, 2014. Workshop on “Attitudinal Changes” was held on November 25-29, 2013.   Workshop on “Toolkit for Police Officers” was held on October 22, 2013. “Institutional Level Sensitisation/Capacity Building Workshop” was held on February 2, 2010.  

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