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Frequently Asked Questions

You may submit your queries to NPA anytime from the contact us link. For FAQs see below:

Q: 1. What are functions of the National Police Academy?

Ans. National Police Academy conducts following pre-service and in-service training courses:-

1. Initial Command Course for Assistant Superintendents of Police.

2. Senior Command Course for District Police Officers/District Superintendents of Police.

3. Capacity Building Courses for in-service police and officers of law enforcement agencies.

4. Train police officers of friendly countries. 

5. Specially Designed Course for a batch of police and officers of law enforcement agencies.

6. Hold Seminars & Workshops on variety of Policing Subjects.

7. Issue National Training Policy for Police.

8. Publish Research Papers.

Q: 2.Where is the National Police Academy located?

Ans. The Academy is located in Sector H-11, Islamabad, close to Islamabad Police Lines Headquarter.

Ans. The Academy primarily trains officers of the Police Service of Pakistan selected through competitive examinations held by the Federal Public Service Commission. It also provides training to the officers of Police and law enforcement agencies.

Q. 4.Can I join this Academy as a trainer?

Ans. Yes. National Police Academy strives its best to provide excellent training to the trainees through experienced, dedicated, devoted officers and other eminent resource persons, e.g. faculty members of renowned Universities or who has expertise in any other field that has relevance and can equip the officers of police and law enforcement organizations, having command in their respective fields. Therefore, NPA welcomes any distinguished person who has the necessary vision and proven expertise in the relevant subjects can contact this Academy in the greater interest and cementing the efforts of this Academy for nation building.

Q: 5. In case of any query, to whom it should be addressed ?

Ans: Administrative related queries may be addressed to the office of Deputy Director (Admn) and DIG/Director (CPTU) may be addressed for training related query.

Q: 3.How can I join the training programmes of the Academy?